Monday, June 4, 2007

Animation and Compositing Test

This is a simple test to see what kinda motion I can get out of this.
The guy is a little stiff, but if I take some time then I can get some descent motion out of him. Not bad for a bunch of quick pics taken with a camera on sticks. I currently have to transfer them to the computer for assemblage. Kinda tedious but it doesn't stop stuff from happening...animation stuff.

Now a Kitchen Sink Composite. Meaning I threw a lot of elements together to see how close I can come to the first batch of Promo Posters. It came out a little dark but other than that I feel its on the right track.

A test I did last summer. I plan to use a similar techinque
for the Stickmen faces and lip-sync.

Pear Talk by ~juliusbernard on deviantART

I should probably use this time to plug my software of choice(s).
Monkey Jam: Its free and PC
Frame Thief: $40 bucks and your MAC solution.

There are of course other choices but at a beginning stage these are the best around for the dollar, or lack of it.

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Brian said...

Okay. These animation tests have me officially excited about this....